Wholesale led corn light

Corn light is a kind of LED lamps, belonging to the light source category, taking into account the lamp is mainly to replace the traditional light source, specially designed into 360 degrees of light, the shape of the corn cob, known as led corn light.

Corn light compact easy to install. Mainly used to replace the traditional light source (incandescent lamp, energy saving lamp, high pressure sodium lamp, metal halide lamp etc.); trendy styles, fine workmanship, series of products can replace most of the traditional light source.

Corn light installed in the bedroom, living room, general bathrooms on the surrounding canopy. The embedded lamp is embedded in the ceiling, and all the light rays are projected downwards. Different light effects can be achieved with different reflectors, lenses, shutters, and light bulbs. Wholesale led corn light does not occupy space, can increase the space of the soft atmosphere, if you want to create a warm feeling, can try a lamp lamp, reducing the spatial sense of oppression.

The utility model relates to a corn lamp which is suitable for indoor lighting of all households, hotels, schools, hospitals, etc..
LED corn light seven advantages:
1, high efficiency and energy saving at the same brightness, the LED energy-saving lamps for 1000 hours only 1 kwh consumption, ordinary incandescent lamp 17 hours consumption 1 kwh, ordinary energy-saving lamps one hundred hours consumption 1 kwh of electricity, so users can buy LED energy-saving lamp energy saving thousands on thousands of electricity.
2, super long life: LED super energy-saving lamp use theory life can reach more than ten thousand hour

s, ordinary incandescent lamp life of more than 1 thousand hours.
3, light health: light does not contain ultraviolet and infrared, no radiation, no pollution. Ordinary energy-saving lamps and incandescent light contains ultraviolet and infrared light.
4, the green environmental protection: no harmful elements such as mercury and lead, can be recycled and utilized, and will not produce electromagnetic interference, containing harmful elements such as mercury and lead lamps, electronic ballasts and energy-saving lamps in the ordinary will produce electromagnetic interference.
5, protect eyesight: driven by DC power supply, no stroboscopic, ordinary energy-saving lamps are AC drive, will inevitably produce stroboscopic bad eyes for a long time. Especially for children, adolescents have the best vision protection.
6, high light efficiency: heat is small, 90% of the electric energy into visible light, ordinary incandescent lamp can only be converted into visible light energy, the other 80% of the energy into heat energy is a great waste of limited resources.
7, high safety factor: the required voltage, current, less heat, no security risks, can be used in mines and other dangerous places.

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