Wholesale cheap E27/E40/E39 LED corn lamp

LED lighting products work much like standard lights, except for the fact that LED lights are much smaller and contain no filament and harmful gases. Instead of a filament and gas, an LED creates light using nothing but the movement of electricity along the path of its semiconductor. As the electrons stream across the semiconductor, they create electromagnetic radiation. Some forms of this electromagnetic radiation can take the form of visible light. There are no harmful gases such as mercury used in the production of LED corn lights, as opposed to the toxic levels that are used in all the other different light sources. Due to these operational characteristics, LED lighting has a very insignificant negative environmental impact.The life cycle of an LED corn light is ten times longer than mercury lighting products. Since mercury lighting will fail much quicker than an LED lighting product, it will result in a stronger impact on our ever increasing waste deposits.

High brightness, engergy saving, enviornment protection and long lifespan LED down light is available 5-42W. Adopt imported high brightness and high power LEDs, external constant current driver to ensure the lamp stable performance. Unique electronic design principles.If one led fail , the remaining LEDs will still work. Reasonable scientific light distribution design,uniform Luminous, no shadow, no flickering, no harm to eyes and can have the exact light effect like fluorecent lamp. No electromagnetic interference, No UV,no heat radiation, No heavy metal elements such as Mercury. Elegant appearance, application for Home, office, show room, school, hotel.

High quality die-casting aluminum radiator,good for heat dissipation.PC cover with soft light,clear and milky are available.Wholesale TW Lumenmax led chip,with high brightness and good quality.Constant current driver,with high power factor,high quality capacitance.Designed by our engineers,with unique appearance.Led corn light with 360 Degree Beam Angle design to make the light radiating uniformly to the ground.High CRI with great directionality, CRI>80.Ip64 waterproof,dustproof,reduce maintance cost.Cheap E27/E40/E39 LED corn lamp base.Long lifespan and good heat dissipation.Transparent Cover for Side LEDs and Bottom LEDs.Net Weight: 0.65kg.

Energy saving high power LED corn light.Good heat dissipation.Light is soft and uniform, safe to eyes.No uv or IR in the beam.Easy to install and operate.Green and eco-friendly without mercury.80% more energy saving compared with conventional street light, CFL, Incandescent light.

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