High power efficiency LED corn Lights energy saving

LED lifespan is 10 times that of conventional ones, it is up to 50,000 hours, performs stably under various conditions.Free of maintenance fee during life time.Thinner power cables saving much more set-up cost because of the less requirement of electricity.Easy installation.An ideal replacement for conventional streetlights.Great light homogeneity, no dark area, soft light with high-luminance.

Low power consumption, high power efficiency,  LED corn bulbs light emmiting lumen equal to 4 Times Halogen Light.No UV or IR radiation, Conducive to Eye protection.Soft light,no flickering.Easy to install with E27 base.Ideal replacement for conventional incandescent lamp.No Mercury and other hazardous materials, fully Rohs CE compliant.Widly used in Warehouse, Showroom, Workshop, Super market, exhibition hall etc. public places.

LED corn lights can replace the original auto lamp directly .Lighting up without delay, nice color rendering and penetrating power..Light emitting diode, small power consumption, better able to protect the car circuit.The LED corn lamp has no filament, good heat dissipation and small current,, not easily oxidized vehicle circuit;Strong anti-force , low temperature, new generation of revolutionary solid-state light source.Good vibration resistance and stable emitting.General model used in Auto lighting can be suitable to be applied in all kinds of vehicles.Easy installation and is available to be used again after repairing when there is damage occurred.

Low power consumption, with high luminous flux San’an LED chips gold wire, PCT base used, more customized request are welcomed Thanks to temp. control system, lead to extremely low failure ratio, not customer complain Heat controlling system, to avoid overheat of lamp shape and LED chips to expand the lifespan Beautiful looks, mini sizing to meet market trend Environment friendly, no UV or infa-red radiation, no mercury or lead, not danger of broken glass.

Green environment, impact resistance, shock-proof, no lead, no mercury, no UV, no IR.PWM constant current technology, high efficiency, low heat, high precision constant current, DC working, no strobe flashing, safety and reliability.EMI of the global universal index, lowest loss of line, circuit and power, good power factor, high brightness efficiency.LED corn light source of ultra high power, high brightness; lowest attenuation of brightness, extraordinary energy saving, tremendous long life.Global and wide working voltage, various and universal standard bases, easy and directly replacement.

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