High brightness power supply E27/G24 LED corn lamp

Security:solid-state light source,no inflation,no stroboscopic,shockproof performance.Energy saving :compared with ordinary lamps energy saving up to 90%.than ordinary energy -saving LED corn lamp energy saving 30% ,is the fourth generation light source.Environmental protection ,long service life is common light 30 times,the product does not contain heavy metal,favorable for environmental protection.The silver advanced aluminum radiator,environmental protection,durable,high temperature,resistance,agine resistance of smoldering.A transparent or opaque acrylic cover,can better reflect the light effect.Can be equipped with E27 or G24 LED corn lamp,the installation is more convenient,more efficient.

Using high brightness of original packed Samsung 5630 SMD chip which acieves 100lm/w and high CRI >80.As the world’s first new products , high power waterproof led corn lights could replace the conventional compact CFL light directly.Unique construction design with full beam angle (360°).Die cast aluminum heat dissipation system.No spot, no black area, long life span and less brightness decay.Various lamp holder are available , a wide range of applications.Wide voltage AC85-265V,High efficiency constant current drives,Efficiency of power supply is more than 90%.No magnetic disturbance influence and CE & RoHS standard compliant.No UV and near-IR radiation in the light beam.LED corn lamps are protected from bugs,dust,humidity because cover over them.There’s no noise since no fans inserted.

Unique structure design, removable power supply and light source (easier for power supply and light source replacement if needed).Led corn light has Aluminum fin-shape heat sinking and active air exchanging cooling system in order to speed up heat dissipation.Function of protect from thunder damage: power supply will stop work When the function start, the power supply needs to be restarted to run.Temperature protection fuction: When the temperature reached 95℃ start temperature protection function, power supply power to half power, when the temperature down to about 50℃ power supply full power is restored.No UV and near-IR radiation in the light beam.Very low energy consumption, Lower thermal output.Popular, ballast free, easy installation.Not suitable for dimmers, electronic switches and remote controls.Can be easily fitted instead of ordinary light bulbs.

Energy saving good quality best price E27/E40 led corn light: We offer OEM packing for clients.
1. Products are packed per box, color box or single/double blister packing box, according to clients’ request.
2. Brown or white inner box can be provided, or hot shrinkage films packing.
3. We use strengthen brown carton box as outer box.
4. For some products, we will apply pallets for container loading.

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