Factory directly sales LED Corn Lights 12W

High quality,  competetive price and considerate service.Streamline the buying and paying processes.Door to door delivery with speed and precision all over the world.Professional, Experienced Ensure the high quality of our products.Energy-saving, Environment friendly, save 80% energy compared with halogen LED Corn Lights and lamps.Long lifespan >50,000 hours.More voltage design available. Low Power Consumption, High Intensity.Maintenance Free.No RF Interference.Perfect product to replace ligh CFL.

Can customize as per client’s special requirements. More production lines, faster sample making.Bigger output, faster delivery.Silver gel die bond, excellent thermal dissipation.High quality and after sale  service, new automatic machine, more precise figures.Pure copper holder, durable and nice conductivity.Imported standard chip, better quality.Rich resources,   competitive price.99.99% pure gold wire welding, longer lifetime.10-year packaging experiences, standing in the Frontiers of Science & Technology.

High silver-plated aluminum heat-sink.High power EPI-STAR LED chip.Meet the specifications of the traditional lamp can directly replace the traditional lamp.Energy saving than traditional fixture about 70%~80%.ECO-Friendly, CO2 reduction, Mercury-free, No UV light.No glaring,The light is soft and bright., Meet the standards for lighting.Adapter is compliance with CE&ROHS&FCC…standard regulations.

Used in urban secondary roads,residential roads,sidewalk etc. Landscape lights, garden lights, residential road lights other indoor lighting.Used in mines, ships, machine tools and other lighting.Directly replace the incandescent lamp, energy saving lamps,mercury lamps, sodium lamps,NO need to replace the original lamp base.Green lighting, Eco-friendly,no UVor IRradiation in the beam, mercury free-sale.Anti-shock, anti-moisture, no RF interference, no buzing noise and no flourescentflickering-stable.Save more than 80% energy than Halogen Lamp.

Use Epistar ED and High Quality driver, realizing long-term reliable and stable working without failure and maintenance.High luminance defect, realizing energy saving by 80% comparing with traditional light source.Power factor over 0.95, harmonic distortion rate less than 15%.Adopt digital constant-power technology, realizing control of LED Corn Lights 12W.Unique one-time die-casted aluminum shell structure, realizing excellent heat dissipation.Reasonable design, easy to install.

As LED Corn lights, solar hybrid street lighting, street lighting, etc.As road lighting for places with less electricity.In Main roads, secondary roads, pavements, schools, parks, scenic areas, streets, highway, square, architecture, building, landscape in park, industrial Area, hospital, school, bridge, factory, warehouse, residential areas, etc.

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