Energy saving LED corn bulbs 80W

360 degree light beam, good color, high brightness and high color restoration.Energy efficient, low power consumption, it can save 80% energy compared with traditional halogen and incandescent lamp.Convenient in use, adopt E27, E14 and B22 interface. Lamp size is same with halogen lamp, which can instead of traditional lighting lamp directly. Long life span, it can be used as long as 50000 hours, which is up to 10 times conventional incandescent lamp.Green and environment friendly, no radiation, no mercury pollution.CE certificated and ROHS compliant,passed EMC and LVD test, safe and reliable.

Super brightness, good color rendering, low luminous decay. High power, high efficiency, low energy consumption. Shell: aluminum alloy materials. Light source: with low attenuation process encapsulation of the LED corn lights. Power supply: constant current; protection of over-current, over-voltage and high temperature. Perfect lighting effect, fast starting, low power consumption, no ultraviolet and infrared radiation.

All the leds are made by Epistar,the lumen can be above 110lm/w.Energy-saving and environmentally-friendly, no UV or IR radiation.Full range of colors: Cool white, warm white, red, blue, green and yellow.Superior thermal management with internal copper heat conductor and external aluminum housing.Beam angle:360 degrees.The driver is constant current driver,the power factor can be 0.95.Environment temperature: -40 ~ 60 degrees Celsius.

The simple LED corn bulb can work with Color Temperature remote control, or by IOS or Android App via Wifi controller.The bulbs must be screwed into the light socket and switched on at the wall for 2.4Ghz wireless operation, allowing the remote control/App to turn the LED bulb on/off, dim/brighten and color Temperature change.

80W LED E40 LED street lighting,Unique structure design,360 beam angle,Available to replace traditional MH or HPS luminaires.LED lamp provides huge energy and maintenance savings, with a 50,000 hour rated life span.Our LED corn lamps provide unrivalled light output,up to 110-115lm/watt, to match and even improve your current lighting levels!No UV and near-IR radiation in the light beam.Very low energy consumption,Lower thermal output.Popular, ballast free, easy installation. Complies with CE,RoHs and ETL.Not suitable for dimmers ,electronic switches and remote controls.The lamp offers energy savings of up to 80%.

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